Heat Reflective Tiles & Paints

Heat Reflective Tiles & Paints

Cool Roof Technology would be effective in almost 90% of the Indian Region. It has wide scope of being an effective energy savings solution for both new and retrofit buildings.In the wake of a recent study by Power Ministry’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency, which says electricity consumption can be brought down by 25 per cent with adoption of cool roofs. These roofs can deliver high solar reflectance, which is the ability to reflect visible infrared and ultraviolet rays of the sun. This reduces heat transfer to the building. reflection of light and heat can be done by going for either of the two ways — a coating with a thick white paint on the roof, or by putting white tiles on roofs.

Benefits of heat reflective tiles and paint :

- Provides thermal insulation leaving the terrace cool

- Replaces lime terracing and it is cost effective

- Can be reused over and over again

- Ensures maintenance of congenial natural environment

- Reduces consumption of AC and thus reduces CFC emission 

Cheaper than   

• Brickbat Coba   • Membrane Waterproofing  • Polymer Waterproofing   • China Chip Waterproofing  • Bubble Heat Insulation Waterproofing   • Vitrified Tile Waterproofing   

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